What is Internal Assessment

Your Internal Assessment (IA) is a project that you will have to complete in all your IB classes. The style and grade value depends on the subject. It is a project that you will work on with the guidance of your teacher (or your tutor). The great thing about the internal assessment is that it allows students to be flexible and to further research a topic that they find interesting within the given subject. As good as it sounds, generating IA topic ideas is not always easy and that’s why we decided to help you here with some unique biology IA idea, just read on!

What makes a good IA

A good IA should demonstrate your own interest of the topic. It should show that the student has learned and has been able to apply what they have learned. A good IA does not have to be a very complex and intricate piece of work. A clear research question, consistent structure, and clear personal engagement which demonstrates knowledge will earn the student a good grade.

So let’s jump into what you are here for. Here is a list of 25 possible topics that serve as great biology IA ideas. To keep in mind, in biology IA, you have two options, laboratory work or an essay, so the topic possibilities are far greater than just the list below.

25 Unique Biology IA Ideas

  1. Mitosis: Calculate the Mitotic Index in onions and garlic
  2. How do different household products affect plant growth 
  3. Effect of different types of contamination of plants
  4. Testing salt tolerance on plants
  5. The effect of different variables on fruit and vegetable decay
  6. Hereditary effect of Parkinson
  7. How does different fruit ripen based on the temperature
  8. Ethics in Stem Cell Research
  9. The impact of energy drinks on the heart rate and blood pressure after exercise
  10. Comparing reaction time with certain stimuli with age
  11. Measuring the amount of vitamin C in fruit and comparing it to fruit juices
  12.  Effect of antibiotics on growth and germination of seeds
  13. What is the ideal environment for photosynthesis
  14. Effect of global warming on the human body
  15. Essay about the ethics in human cloning
  16. Effects of different types of toothpaste
  17. The effect of sucrose concentration of the rate of respiration in yeast
  18. The effects of sugar on teeth health (use an egg as tooth imitation)
  19. Research on DNA modification and its possibilities
  20. Are GMOs (genetically modified foods) safe?
  21. GMOs decay time
  22. Biology of bipolarity or schizophrenia
  23. Effects of steroids on the human body
  24. Effect of climate change on biodiversity
  25. Impact of certain brain injuries

To think about before you choose

If your school does not have a lot of lab equipment and space, we would recommend doing either a research project or a simple lab experiment like plant contamination. Additionally, make sure that you can connect these topics to a broader issue that you discussed at length in class. For example, most of the projects on this list containing anything about contamination or decay can be easily be related to broader topic of global warming.

Still Struggling?

No worries, our tutors are here to help. Whether you would like to consult what topic to choose or need additional help with setting up the structure of your IA, Think Smart Tutoring can help you. Just sign-up here for our tutoring services and we’ll contact you shortly to set-up the first introductory session.

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