What is the Internal Assessment

Your Internal Assessment (IA) is a project that you will have to complete in all your IB classes. The style and grade value depends on the subject. It is a project that you will work on with the guidance of your teacher (or your tutor). The great thing about the internal assessment is that it allows students to be flexible and to further research a topic that they find interesting within the given subject. As good as it sounds, generating IA topic ideas is not always easy and that’s why we decided to help you here with some unique physics IA ideas, just read on!

What Makes a Good Physics IA

A good IA should demonstrate your own interest of the topic. It should show that the student has learned and has been able to apply what they have learned. A good IA does not have to be a very complex and intricate piece of work. A clearly stated and clearly answered research question, consistent structure, and clear personal engagement which demonstrates knowledge will earn the student a good grade.

So let’s jump into what you are here for. Here is a list of 25 possible topics that serve as great physics IA ideas. To keep in mind, in a physics IA, you have two options, laboratory work or an essay, so the topic possibilities are far greater than just the list below.

25 Unique Physics IA Ideas

  1. Eureka! Study Archimedes’ principle
  2. Show that the period of the mass-spring SHM is independent of its amplitude.
  3. Determine the static friction coefficient between two surfaces
  4. Use a pendulum to find the value of g, the gravitational field strength of the Earth.
  5. How come different guitar strings of the same lengths have different harmonics?
  6. Circuits: measure the resistivity of a material of your choice.
  7. Study the effect of different solutes on the refractive index of a liquid.
  8. Fluid dynamics: the Bernoulli principle in action.
  9. The ideal gas: measure the gas constant.
  10. Measure the speed of sound in air using two microphones.
  11. Use Snell’s law to measure the speed of light in water or another liquid.
  12. Test Ohm’s law with multiple components to see which are ohmic and which are not.
  13. Experimentally verify Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction
  14. Make a soliton wave using a shallow water tank
  15. Why does the shape of water in a bucket changes when the bucket is rotating?
  16. Determine the electric charge through the Millikan experiment
  17. Investigate energy conversion using a mini pump storage system
  18. Specific heat capacity and latent heat: measure water’s phase changes with a heater and a clock.
  19. Circular motion and bridges: at what speed do cars lose their contact with the road?
  20. Prove that the Earth is not flat by measuring its radius
  21. Determine the work function of a metal of your choice
  22. Double slit for matter waves: through which hole does the electron go through?
  23. Olber’s paradox: why is the night sky so dark?
  24. Time dilation in special relativity.
  25. Explore the twin paradox.

Still Struggling?

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