Amsterdam Math Tutoring by TST

Search no more, you found what you were looking for. Professional math tutoring in Amsterdam given by university students who freshly remember your child’s struggles. If you are looking for math tutoring in English or math tutoring for international schools in Amsterdam and The Hague, at Think Smart we got you covered. Our offer includes tutoring in:

  • IB Mathematics HL/SL
  • IB Math Studies
  • MYP Mathematics
  • Math tutoring in English language
  • International high-schools mathematics
  • Primary school mathematics in English language

Who are Think Smart Tutors?

Think Smart tutors are fresh IB graduates who currently conduct their university studies in the Netherlands. Our team of tutors consists of both the math geniuses who will help you achieve those excellent grades and math strugglers who found their way through it and are now passing on their experience. Majority of math Think Smart tutors study at BSc or MSc level of Actuarial Science, Economics or Medicine.

What are our strengths?

As one would say, our tutors are still “in the trenches”. They are learning advanced mathematical concepts at the universities of their choice and thus they are equipped with fresh knowledge and experience that is very helpful in tutoring of mathematics. Thanks to their average age of 20 years, children find them very relatable and easy to understand. As our reviews suggest, friendliness and helpfulness of our tutors is what our clients value the most. Moreover, each tutor that works at Think Smart Tutoring has been personally interviewed. At the interview, we make sure that the tutor has the required knowledge, teaching capabilities as well as interpersonal skills.

Scenarios in which we can help

The most common scenario in which math tutoring is of a great help is when your child seriously struggles with math. Our tutors are very capable of breaking down the fundamental mathematical concepts and explaining them to their bare bones. Thus, if your child experiences real struggles with mathematics and you are afraid about their grades, wait no more and sign-up here.

Another case in which we have seen a great success, is helping already experienced math students perfecting their knowledge and thus their grades. Because great deal of our tutors are excellent Math HL alumni, they can really take your child’s knowledge to that next level. If your child wants to get to a great university or is preparing for SAT tests, we are here to help.

Lastly, juggling parenting and work isn’t always an easy job. If you simply cannot find enough time to support your child during their homework, our tutors are here to substitute. From experience, just couple of good ques or valuable math tips can help your child gain that needed confidence. This confidence often translates into better grades and the returns on your investment will be visible in no time. So if you want to see your child succeed, waste no time and sign-up here.