Flexible and Fun

At Think Smart we believe in flexibility of learning. Thus, alongside the private face-to-face lessons, we also offer online IB tutoring. With one-on-one online tuition, every lesson can be personalized to your current needs. Moreover, our experienced tutors are ready to answer all the questions and explain the material in great depth.

Think Smart Tutors

All our tutors are IB alumni who know the IB curriculum inside-out. During the online IB tutoring lessons, you can expect a healthy mix of lecture style explaining, hands-on practice and answering the student’s questions. We brief, train and empower our tutors to be able to deliver high class learning in the online environment. Based on your needs we have tutors who specialize in subjects ranging from higher level mathematics or physics to English literature and even arts.

Personalize, professional & still fun online IB tutoring.

Online Environment

Our online IB tuition is delivered through a number of video conferencing tools. Based on your preference, lessons can be held via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Discort and other video conferencing software. The exact method of delivery is agreed upon with every client individually. Ensuring comparable experience to in person lessons is important to us. Therefore, being able to share both video and screen share is a must.

Online IB Tutoring Pricing

We divide our pricing into two categories: Standard Level IB subjects + MYP & Higher Level IB subjects. Moreover, there is no minimum amount of hours. The per hour rates (including taxes) are as follows:

  • 50€ per hour for SL IB / MYP subjects
  • 75€ per hour for HL IB subjects
"I have had a math tutor from TST for around a year now and I am really enjoying it. My math grades have clearly gone up (from a 3 in the beginning of the year to a 5 at the end) and I enjoy math much more now. I would definetly recommend the tutors from TST." - Lara Oster (tutee)

Are you in?

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