It’s 6:30, you just woke up and realized that today is the day you’ve been eagerly waiting for (or maybe not so much). You start stressing and worrying about how will you do, whether you recapped everything the previous night and whether the bus will make it on time! Calm down, stress no more and try the following 5 IB exam tips to hack your morning before the test and get the 42 points you are striving for!


1. Wake up at least 2-3 hours before your exam

Wake up early! There is nothing worse than writing your exam half-asleep because you have barely woken up an hour before it had started. Early morning sets you up for a success since it allows you to comfortably manage your morning routine, prepare for the day and gives you the confidence that yells “You can do this!”. This first step however also applies for the night before an examination. Like an early morning, give yourself an early good night and you’ll see the benefits of well rested body and mind.

2. Meditate for 5-10 minutes

This might sound silly if you have never tried it before, but believe us it can have a huge impact on how well you do on your exam. A quick meditation allows for calming down your mind, getting rid of external stresses and visualizing your success. If you aren’t sure how to tackle this step, we encourage you to try this quick guided meditation on YouTube or downloading a meditation app like Head Space on your phone.

3. Eat nutritious but not overly huge breakfast 

A very important step is to fuel your mind and body! Big cup of water coupled with a morning coffee can serve as a good start. Followed by a balanced mix of proteins, carbs and fats at least hour or hour and half before your exam and you will be ready to crush it! An example of a good pre-exam fuel would be a whole-grain toast with ham, cheese and veggies or a protein yogurt with oats and fresh berries. Finish it all up with a single piece of +70% dark chocolate and your brain will be on fire to serve you well during the exam.

4. Listen to your favorite music 

After you are fueled and ready to hop on the bus to your examination place, it’s time for your favorite jam. A good music will help with boosting your mood and calming your mind before you get to the place. You might be tempted to cram some last formulas that you haven’t manage to give proper look the night before, however we advice against it. It might be irrational for your brain to chill-out and enjoy the music but keep in mind how much stress awaits you in the examination room and that will help you realize how of a good idea this really is!

5. Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest

Last and final tip is to get off your bus 1 stop earlier than you originally anticipated. It is scientifically proven that exercise helps with memory and concentration even though if it’s just a simple walk. Therefore, walk your last couple of hundred meters, shake off all the remaining stresses and pump yourself up with the final banger in order to give your all in the examination room. We wish you a good luck and hope that at least some of these tips will set you up for a success!


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